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“Through the years, I have been privileged to speak following the music of George and Kathy Abbas in many different settings…church services, revivals, camps and colleges. Always, I have found their music and their heart to be in tune with what God has for that service. As a preacher, I love to speak after they have prepared the hearts of the listeners with their spirit and music.”

Jerry Thorpe, Pastor Emeritus
Odessa Baptist Temple
Odessa, TX

“There are folks who “perform” and those who provide “ministry.” George and Kathy provide ministry with excellence. Their music represents and reflects their commitment to excellence. Their heart for ministry combined with musical excellence creates an atmosphere of worship that brings you right into the presence of God. I highly commend their ministry to you.”

Bill Welte, Executive Director
America’s KESWICK
Whiting, NJ
Where God Speaks to Hearts and Transforms Lives!

“George and Kathy Abbas live a lifestyle that matches the message of their music. I have had the privilege of knowing the Abbas’s over the last 10 or 12 years. Their ministry is one of great challenge to the saints and they also clearly communicate the gospel to those in need of a Savior. Their ability of taking God’s Word and putting it to music is a rich source of inspiration and blessing. They have been with us for many events and we always look forward to them returning.Not only do George and Kathy interact well with the people who are present at their concerts, but I have also seen them develop longer term relationships with those who need discipleship. I can whole-heartedly endorse George & Kathy to your church or ministry.”

Jim Fahringer, Executive Director
Montrose Bible Conference
Montrose, PA
Getting You Out of the Routine to Experience God

“I do look back on the weekend that the Lord used you to minister here (at Victory Baptist Church) for His honor and glory. He was so glorified through you that Saturday and Sunday. I am enjoying listening to my CD’s as I travel in my truck from place to place.Again, I thank God for your humble, Christ-like hearts. What an honor it was to have you here; and I look forward to the day when you will be able to come back to VBC and magnify our precious Savior through your ministry.”

Jim Welch, Pastor
Victory Baptist Church
Montrose, CO

“I felt that this year’s junior camp was one of the best, if not the best camp we’ve had. God’s Spirit was evident. Attitudes were excellent. God gave us much fruit for our labor. You, George and Kathy, were a large part in that success. The evaluations reflected this same conclusion. This is not just the camp director spouting off. Your music was an honor to the Lord. The kids seemed to really respond well. Keep growing in the Lord, George and Kathy. It is His will. I guarantee it. Once again, Thanks.”

Rod Krey,
Mt. Elim Junior Camp
Formerly Pastor of Yampa Bible Church
Yampa, CO

“What a blessing you were to me today! Praise Elohim! I was on my way to another church today, but was running late, so decided to stop in here (Community Baptist Church, Franktown, CO) when I saw that there was a 9:30 service. I want to tell you that Elohim’s glory comes shining through and it is obvious that He lives in you, just like Stephen (Acts 6). Your joy in serving your Master is obvious and catching. I look forward to praising our Creator together with you and all of our “family” through eternity.”

…a letter from a lady who attended a morning church service

“George and Kathy Abbas are a rare blessing in a day when much being called “ministry and worship” is really entertainment that replaces much needed truth. They not only melted their way into the heart of our family but also into the hearts of our local church. Their annual visit is a highlight for each of us. Their music is excellent in quality but also keeps scriptural integrity and God’s glory as it’s motive. George’s messages are on target for the needs of today’s church. I highly recommend “Abbas Ministries!”

Pastor Kurt England
Valley Community Church
Rocky Ford, CO

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